Simplify Week 1 (drawers… for me surfaces :-)

I’m linking up with Project Simplify hosted by Simple Mom.

Today’s Mission: Drawers… except my drawers are actually organized… because the junk is on the surfaces. :-) So without further ado.. My mess:

*Note I took these with my phone… sorry for the quality!


This is really a nightstand… but this space is awkward… so it fits here near the foyer. :-) This is a problem area for us, because it’s so close to the entrance… it’s an easy pitch point for our junk.

Tiny Table after

Small Drawers BeforeYou can see the random assortment of things this guy has collected :-) Sunglasses, a balloon, an admission ticket, a flashlight…

IMG_2866After :-)

I think this globe looks a little weird here, but the dresser is the perfect height for the kids to reach it. They love to spin the globe and feel the bumps (mountains) and ask questions. Since it creates a good opportunity to talk about foreign places, I’ll leave it here for now.

Stairstep BeforeYou may be detecting a theme… Basically any surface is a dumping spot. If it is out of the Littles’ reach, then it is a safe spot for something they shouldn’t have… Unfortunately we don’t go back and put those things away… Ever. That’s a remote controlled helicopter in the box… Yikes!!

Stairstep AfterAfter

Piano BeforeWe obviously haven’t been playing any songs on the piano. :-/

Piano AfterAhhh. :-) On the top of the piano are a couple of music books that don’t fit in the bench, and the kids’ box of musical instruments. They are mainly from the Melissa and Doug music set.

Last but not least… my desk :-/

Desk BeforeThe dumping ground of dumping grounds… This is pretty embarrassing… A while ago I had the brilliant idea to move my desk into the living room. It has made a huge difference for sure! I can pay bills, check e-mail, work on scripture study lesson plans, etc and actually see my children and what they are up to. Seriously it was the best idea ever. The downside is that again, anything that needs to be dropped somewhere somehow ends up here…

Pop Its...Yeah these were on the ledge above the desk… From last July.

You can also see my kitchen needs some love… One thing at a time.

Desk AfterAt least the surface is clear. :-) The baby wipes box is my box O’ things to be shredded… and next to it is my lovely shredder. I need to find a better place for it… and maybe cover that ugly box!

IMG_2876Dusting Mama’s computer. :-D

The Little one was so excited about the clean space, he wanted to help. :-)

Whew. I’m tired… but so glad to have the motivation to tackle this stuff!!!



2 thoughts on “Simplify Week 1 (drawers… for me surfaces :-)

  1. I think I’ll follow along and organize with you! I had planned to do it first of the year, but Spring Cleaning is so much more fun!

    • I agree Jenny!!! :-) Who wants to clean when it’s cold outside? All I wanted to do was drink hot tea and curl up with the Littles!! Seriously though things were getting out of hand here. It is past time for me to get this place in order.

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