Simplify Week 2 (That Pesky Closet)

First and foremost I want to say my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Boston. Hug your loved ones extra tightly today. I know I am.

I hesitated even continuing this series of simplifying during this time of great sadness.  I realized that the best that any of us can do in this life is to honor Christ, honor our families, and do our best to live well. For me that means continuing headlong into this intense phase of purging and living simply. If I want to provide a warm, welcoming and loving home for my kids, then this must remain a priority for us as a family. Years and years of living, collecting, moving (6 times in 7 years of marriage…) and not having the time to purge have crippled us in ways we never realized until we began this journey of living with less. We will never ever be minimalists, but the goal is to not be hoarders ;-) and to appreciate what we have.

With that in mind… Our horrible closet:

Closet Before 1This is the closet in the kids’ room :-/

Somehow this particular closet became a catch all… There are toys, outgrown clothes, and all kinds of miscellany… including my bow. Yes, my Katniss bow. (Which I began shooting long before anyone had ever heard the name Katniss ;-) No, it is not strung and poses no danger to the kids… and this closet stays locked so they cannot open the door.

Closet Before 2This is the inside of the closet once I was able to pry the door open. Here we have a side to the crib, a toddler game, a basket of toys and more junk… piled a couple feet high.

IMG_2917I took everything out of this room (except the little trampoline) and then emptied the contents of the closet into the room. That’s a pile of the Husband and I’s clothes next to that chair. I have no idea how they got into the kids’ closet…

Closet contents emptied into room 2Yikes! So much junk.

We found a charity that picks up stuff at your door!!! So, we will be utilizing that service for things we no longer want or need. The rest of the stuff was organized and put away (many items didn’t belong in the kids’ closet to begin with…).

Closet After 2


I’m not sure if I need shelves, or maybe a big bin for some of this stuff… These are the toys that are not currently in the play rotation. I’m a big fan of rotating toys so that the kids are not overwhelmed with so much to choose from. A big bonus is that when you bring something out of the closet it feels “new” again! :-) Also featured is a big air mattress the grandparents sleep on when they come to visit. They use this room when they are here, so it made sense to keep it in this closet.

Closet After 1We moved some unused shelves in from the crazy room. On them are more toys not in the current play rotation. The bins (and bags on top of them) are full of outgrown kid clothes. This is a temporary storage place. Once the rest of the house is less crazy we will find somewhere else for those… We have several more in other places. It’s not a 100% solution, but it is clear progress!!

I also haven’t mentioned yet… but we have a reason for saving the clothes as a new little Fly Baby will be added to our family this Autumn. :-)

Which to me is just another (major) reason to simplify, organize, and get rid of unused junk!!!



4 thoughts on “Simplify Week 2 (That Pesky Closet)

    • We too ride around with the perpetual half full donate box that never actually gets donated. My friend just casually mentioned this service in passing the other day… I almost flipped out I was so excited!!! :-D

  1. I love switching out the toys! Of course it seems as soon as I pack up toys, my almost 5 year old is asking where such and such a toy is – inevitably one I have packed up because it hasn’t been used for weeks. I think that I might have my kids pack up the toys they don’t want to have out, and see how that works…

  2. Thankfully my kids are still small enough to be enamored by the changes. My oldest (3) will sometimes ask for something that is in the closet. As long as I can sneak in and get it without them following me I’ll let her have it. If they somehow get into the closet with me then we are done for! :-) I don’t know what I’ll do when they’re older and remember all of their toys in hiding!!! That sounds like an awesome idea, letting them choose what goes into storage. I hope it works!!! :-)

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