Simplify Week 3 (Piles)

This cleanup project has been kicking my tail. I’m a little bit of an overachiever. I always have big plans, but the amount of things I can actually accomplish pales in comparison to my list of things to do. Also, I’ve had a really big project on my to do list for a month now and my 3 year old daughter has asked constantly if I’m done… So I’ve been working ahead on next week’s project some. :-) See… overachiever…

I was not excited about this week’s assignment. In truth piles are my Nemesis. I clean with piles. I put like items in a pile… then try to find a place for that stuff. There is absolutely no way I could tackle all of my piles for this week’s project… I decided to tackle my two biggest categories: Donate items and Littles’ artwork.

I use big clear trash bags for donate items. I keep one in my closet so that when I decide an item of clothing needs to be donated, then I can put the item in the bag right away. It keeps me from re-evaluating my decision and wasting time. Most of our donate items this time came from the garage and the kids’ closet.

Closet contents emptied into room 2Before: Contents of kids’ closet poured out into empty room…

Donate items for pickupAfter:

This is most of the stuff we had ready for pickup from the super fantastic charity that picks up at your door!! There was also an unusually large bin FILLED with garage stuff. Seriously it was the biggest plastic bin I’d ever seen…

Just getting rid of this stuff was amazing. The house feels a tiny bit bigger and I feel like I can breathe a little better. We are finally getting closer to the end goal of only having the stuff we actually need in our home.

We also had a couple of bags of clothing that the Hubs took to the local homeless shelter. We prefer to send clothing there where we know it will be given to those in desperate need.

The next pile that is starting to take over is artwork.

Artwork Pile 1

Our kitchen needs some serious love. It is already tiny and I have no space… Having piles on the counter makes cooking infinitely more difficult… I digress. This is one pile of three that has (mainly) artwork.

Artwork Pile 2

The Littles color, draw, and do crafty things in the nursery during worship and during art time at home. My daughter especially cherishes each piece and wants us to marvel at each one. Words of affirmation are her thing. ;-) These papers can multiply very quickly.

Thankfully I have an awesome all in one printer/ scanner. I also have a scan snap scanner. This scanner has changed my life. I can now grab every coloring page/ piece of two dimensional artwork and group them by child and scan both sides of each piece at once! The software will also group all of the items together into one file if you wish. :-) For the three dimensional pieces (like those trees) I put them on my printer and scan them in one at a time.

I scanned several of our favorite pieces into the computer and saved them to an artwork file for each child. Now I can either trash the originals or send them on to family members like grandparents! :-)

Artwork Pile AfterAfter. :-)

(If you’re wondering… That’s a water filter… not a coffee maker. Yes, the upside down tupperware is a little bootleg, but it helps!! ;-)

I feel like I still have so much to do, but seeing visible progress has certainly been motivating!!! Bring on next week!!!