Simplify Week 4 (That Put Off Project)

Doing project simplify has been a blast. I’m so glad I joined… but I’m also glad this is the last week. I am exhausted and limping to the finish line.

I started this project early because I knew how time consuming it would be… I also didn’t get to finish because we have had some serious rain come through here and I really need sunny days to build… Even though it’s not finished, I’m pretty excited with what we’ve done so far. :-)

My daughter has mentioned several times that there isn’t a bed in her “bed-room”. She has asked when she will have her own bed (She had a toddler bed in our room, but I’m guessing she wanted a bigger one. ;-) I love the look of Potery Barn, but I’m way too cheap to pay Pottery Barn prices… thanks to Anna White I don’t have to. If you’ve never heard of her, you should check out her site. She creates tons of free build plans for Pottery Barn(ish) furniture. All the plans are easy to follow and take relatively low skill to build.

I wanted something very low to the ground that the Littles wouldn’t be scared of falling off of. I also didn’t want mystery toys to be stuffed underneath. As far as that goes this bed is a win win.

My inspiration came from Shanty 2 Chic’s build of the Pottery Barn Fillman Platform Bed.

Fillman Bed Inspiration

And this is my build:

Bed Base 1Bed Base 2

And the 1/2 way finished reveal… drum roll please :-)

Hungry Caterpillar Beds 1
Their new room :-) They were both so excited. It was such an amazing moment as parents to be able to bring in furniture we had built for them and see the incredible excitement they had. :-)

The bedding is actually from Pottery Barn. It was a big splurge for me, but we L O V E the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. I knew that I wanted this bedding and I was scared that they would stop selling it by the time my kids were ready for these beds. I actually ended up buying the bed spreads more than a year ago when they were on sale. I knew they would be perfect for a shared bedroom. :-)

This is the very same room that was completely full of junk during week 2. I’m so glad it is cleared, organized, and ready for use!!! The Littles were so excited that they insisted on helping me make the beds. Please excuse the untidy hospital corners ;-)

Butterfly Bed 1The Punkin’s Bed :-D

Caterpillar Bed 1Little Man’s Bed :-D

This build was my first major one. I’d built things like bookshelves and even a built in set at our last house (with serious help from my brother in law!! :-), but these were the biggest pieces I’ve made from just… ya know some wood. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out so far. Unfortunately the poly on these is still ridiculously stinky… So these are actually back in the garage until the VOCs are gone.

Hopefully I will have time to work on the headboards soon, but I will say that being pregnant slowed me down significantly. I couldn’t have done this without my husband’s help. He’s not big into building things so he held boards for me and even put screws in when I started getting super tired. He also did all of the poly so that the lima bean wasn’t exposed to those chemicals. He was a trooper!! It was pretty funny. He was bent over the bed frames driving screws in the places I marked for him… and I asked him if he felt like a servant at my beckon call… he immediately replied “nope, I feel like your big helper :-D”.

There you have it. My big project… only half done, but useable… once the fumes are gone. :-)

I’m so in for next year’s Project Simplify!!! Are you? ;-)



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      I promise it’s not hard at all. Once you are comfortable with basic power tools (a circular saw and a power drill) you’re good to go!!! :-)

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