Day of Reckoning


This is what I’ve been up against. Junk like this has been in our home since we got married. Is there any reason to keep the Husband’s Third Grade THIRD PLACE field day ribbon? No. There isn’t. The only reason it’s still here is because we had never actually been through every single box until this year… Too many moves (6 in 7 years…), too little time, and too many excuses… until. this. year.

Pack Rat Unit

┬áThat, my friends, is our progress report. The item(s… we will have two…) by which we will measure our progress in our journey to get rid of All. Of. The. Things. (Will we use less container space than the last move???)

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The Beat Goes On…

Every time I think that there can’t possibly be anything left to purge… I find out I’m wrong.

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.- William Morris

That is my mantra when looking over my stuff. I’m tired of All. The. Things. I’m ready for a functional and simple home that is welcoming and lived in. We can’t do that while we are crowded by over-sized furniture and unnecessary duplicates.

chest, baskets, high chair

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D -2 | Distractions?

Mama’s Log: Due Date -2 Days

Last night I realized something…

White Throw PillowsThese throw pillows annoy me…

I mean they really annoy me.

These are the very pillows I was attempting to make crochet covers for. Why? These pillows are not comfortable. They are too flat, but also firm. It’s a weird combination. When laying down on the couch or floor or… wherever I never think to myself “hey grab those awful white pillows”. Because to me, they’re awful. I don’t love the way they look nor do I love the way they feel. I have been keeping them just because I have them… and that’s dumb. So I gave them away. While I was at it I also purged the closet of several shirts my husband never ever wears. I realize this may seem like another distraction… and not directly related to the baby we are expecting, but anything we can do to simplify our lives BEFORE he gets here is a big win in my book. :-)

Now if he would only decide to come!!!

Our family is learning to live more simply. You can check out all the posts about the Big Purge we’ve been chugging along with here.

Today is Day 20 of 31 Days :-)

The song that doesn’t end…

Do you remember The song that doesn’t end?

Lamb Chop's playalongClick here to hear the song :-) Lamb Chop

I used to love watching Lamb Chop re-runs growing up. I know it’s cheesy, but I wasn’t allowed to watch much as a kid… Anyways. I think that is my theme song for the Big Purge. Every time I make progress, I find yet another area or drawers or whatever that contains a nonsensical amount of stuff.

It started as a mission to organize homeschool/ kid craft supplies…


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Towel Mountain

Until recently I have been a big fan of more. More office supplies, clothes, kitchen items, or just stuff in general.

Surely more would make my life easier and more comfortable!

As we have realized how ineffective that lifestyle is, we have been pressing on in The Big Purge. We have ruthlessly pruned in most areas of our lives, but somehow towels have been completely overlooked.

During my “More = More” phase I thought that owning more towels would = less laundry. I despised doing laundry. I didn’t care what kind of towel it was or what color, any addition to our hoard (many were gifts) was good because it obviously meant I would have less laundry to do.

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Furniture as Clutter

We have kicked it into high gear lately.

We have had several changes with our rental company. We have a new property manager and she’s AWESOME. We’ve also had zero success finding a place of our own… So, we decided to stay here another year. With that decision we redoubled our efforts to make this place our home. I hung pictures!!! The previous property manager was awful about hanging things. This one is much much better. Plus I also found the wall paint in the garage. That was a huge score! Even if that paint is no good by now, we still have the name of the paint color so we can fix any nicks or holes before we leave. :-) That gave us the freedom to get to work.

As I’ve worked to make this place look nicer there was one particular eyesore that I just couldn’t deal with any longer:


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