The Last Hour

(*Note: I just realized the post title sounds so serious, but all of my creative energy is gone… Nothing left to think of something witty… Sorry!!! <3 )

Life with three sweet tornadoes is… Energetic? Enthusiastic? Loud?

Truck heel

I heart my babes. Most days are fine. I mean, some days are awful and start that way right out of the gate… but most days are great. There is imaginative play, building, creativity, squabbles that are easily mediated. There are hugs, and snuggles, and “I love you brother”s and “I wuv you sissy”s and “We love our baby brother”s, things are generally amazing.

…until the last hour. I’m not exactly sure how my kids know when Fly Dad leaves work… but they know. How you ask? How can the 5 year old, 3 year old and 10 month old know? I don’t know. But (some days) during that last hour before Daddy gets home chaos ensues.

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After 31 Days

For me, right now life is nursing, diapers, dishes, and breaking up preschooler fights.

Swings, trains, crayons, and Duplos get a big chunk of our days.

{Photo Courtesy: The Geeky Place}

I have only participated in the 31 days challenge twice. I started my blog with it last year and I gave it the Ol’ college try this year. I made no promises about writing after my baby came. ;-) Each year when the challenge is over I am a little burned out.

1) I’m just not used to writing that frequently

2) Being a mom (especially of such Little ones…) is hard enough. Blogging is a hobby, and I love it (sometimes ;-) but it takes TIME. Something I don’t have much of.

3) I just don’t have that much to say… Each year I have walked away KNOWING some of my posts were lame, but also knowing I had committed to posting daily. I had the positive feeling that comes with accomplishment, but I also knew that with the pressure to post daily not all of my stuff was super fantastic…

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