Before I really dig into the nuts and bolts of how we have downsized, I want to talk about the why.

Some people talk of reducing carbon footprint, others of just helping the environment in general. Some people champion the cause of human rights and say that overconsumption hurts those that manufacture these items. Some people point to debt reduction and financial freedom.

All of those those are big things to think about. Truly.

But this is my motivation:

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wear His coat well…

I heard a story today that took my breath away and had to share it with you:

One day an evangelist by the name of Jakov arrived in a certain village. He commiserated with an elderly man named Cimmerman on the tragedies he had experienced and talked to him of the love of Christ. Cimmerman abruptly interrupted Jakov and told him that he wished to have nothing to do with Christianity. He reminded Jakov of the dreadful history of the church in his town, a history replete with plundering, exploiting, and indeed with killing innocent people. “My own nephew was killed by them,” he said and angrily rebuffed any effort on Jakov’s part to talk about Christ. “They wear those elaborate coats and caps and crosses,” he said, “signifying a heavenly commission, but their evil designs and lives I cannot ignore.”

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