Wardrobe Tips {Littles}

Kid’s clothing can be extremely expensive… and I’m cheap. I just want to be a good steward of the resources we’ve been given. Consignment shops can be great resources, but even they can be overpriced… plus I hate shopping and consignment stores are so full of merchandise that it is impossible for me to focus and find what I’m looking for. I hope to develop a better “consignment plan of attack” soon. For now I still buy mostly new clothing. Here’s why.

I am working now to build future wardrobes… one sale at a time.

Right now is the perfect time to buy winter clothes… for next year.

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31 Days- Excess {Part Three} 2012

** Note. I’m running out of steam. So, in order to take a breather I’m reposting my favoritey favorite posts from my first 31 days series. They also actually fit my theme for this year.**

Originally posted 19 Oct 2012:


At this point the purging, organizing and learning to live simply is consuming our focus. We’re making decisions daily on what to keep, donate or toss. It’s a little exhausting really, but worth it. Having less junk around makes things less messy. There’s less to clean, less to jump over because it’s in your way, etc. The kids are better able to focus and Momma is not quite as cranky. During this process I have been hyper focused on the purging. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if I wait until this is over to think about others, I’ll never get there.

Thinking of others makes me finally face my previous question. What can I do to affect change? How can I be Jesus to someone in need? Is giving my leftovers and cast offs all that I’m called to do?

The family goal is to get to Dave Ramsey’s big #7. G.I.V.E. Being focused on the other steps is great, but we have lost sight of the reason we’re hyper focused on saving, living simply and being a little weird… Continue reading