Before I really dig into the nuts and bolts of how we have downsized, I want to talk about the why.

Some people talk of reducing carbon footprint, others of just helping the environment in general. Some people champion the cause of human rights and say that overconsumption hurts those that manufacture these items. Some people point to debt reduction and financial freedom.

All of those those are big things to think about. Truly.

But this is my motivation:

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D -3 | Oops

Mama’s Log: Due Date -3 Days

PHONEI called my sister for a reason… I promise. My sister and I are close, but not I-will-call-you-every-single-day close. Neither of us are that big of phone talkers… That brings me to yesterday.

I promise I had a for real honest to goodness question… I never got around to asking it.  Apparently she thought this was THE call.


I’m now on the poo poo list for getting her excited.

False alarm folks. Still no action.

This is Day 19 of 31 Days :-)

31 Days- Waiting on Baby


I’m Fly Mom. My husband and I met while both serving as helicopter pilots in the Army. Hence the bloggy name. :-) Sorry for the alias, but I have an extremely unique first name and unlike the Nester am still afraid of the unibomber…

I am so excited to be participating in The Nester’s 31 Days series for the second year in a row!!! The two biggest reasons are:

1: I STARTED my blog with her series last year. :-D Happy Blogiversary to me. :-)


2: This year we are expecting a new addition to our family which birthed (pun intended) the topic for my series!!! :-D

Waiting on Baby.

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Why we are downsizing

I’m kind of  a hermit…

Having moved 6 times in 7 years of marriage we never stayed in one place long enough to find a real church home, much less make friends. That left all of our social interaction for the office… which means we had very little to none really. Add to that two precious cuties and me deciding to become a stay at home mom… that put my social interaction meter to zero…

I have happily lived in my own cocoon for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to talk to other people for more than 30 seconds.  I have read my favorite simple living/ minimalist blogs while spending precious time with my babes and doing everything I can to survive this awesome but hectic phase of life. So when I interact with people who are not on a purging journey, then I feel completely out of place. I have surrounded myself with like minded simplicity loving voices for so long that it is completely awkward to talk to normal folks. Thankfully we have finally found a congregation where we belong and for the first time in… years I’m making friends. Which has completely highlighted how socially awkward I’ve become. :-)


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