Some Gave All…

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” – G. K. Chesterson
What is it about military service that defines you to your very core?
The tightening in your chest at the sight of Old Glory. The tears that well up (but you refuse to let fall) at the sound of the National Anthem. The tears that you cannot hold back at the sound of TAPS. The need to stand at the I’m not in uniform version of parade rest (hands clasped one in front of the other both in front of your body, with feet shoulder width apart) when in civilian clothes. The awkwardness of not knowing whether you should put your hand on your heart or salute when previously mentioned things happen.
The transition from Soldier to Veteran has been has been a bit awkward and sad, but I will carry the memories of the things I learned and the people I loved during my time in service to the last of my days.

There were three females who made it through my flight school class. Molly, Jaime, and I.

20121006-231454.jpgJaime Lynn Campbell KIA 7 January 2006

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31 Days- In Remembrance

This weekend I ran a 5 k with friends. Well… walked a 5 K. I think unless you were in the first wave of participants, running is not actually an option at a Color Run. There are just so many people and traffic gets clogged at the color stations…

That however, did NOT make it any less fun!! If you’ve never been to a color run, I highly recommend it. It is a super fun day of colorful awesomeness.

{Photo: Geeky Place}

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