Purging the Office Stuff

I love office supplies. My favorite part of going back to school each year was the new school supplies. Even now I am giddy when I get a new pack of colored pens. :-) I would rather have my husband take me to Staples than go to a jewelry store. I realize that’s probably strange…

I have a hard time figuring out what I will work for me until I get the chance to actually try things out. Then when those treasures are finally home if/ when I don’t use them, then I can’t just throw them away. So the stash has built up year after year. I had successfully contained things in drawers and other places, but enough is enough. Thankfully our pickup charity gladly takes them!! :-) It was nice to send them to a better home and get them out of mine!!

I also like to travel. We don’t go far or go for very long, but sometimes we go during weird times… like during the week when I will need some of my normal stuff. We have recently downsized our computers and gadgets (more on that later) so that now absolutely everything is portable. As awesome as that is, there are still some things that I like to keep with me. I’m glad to say I have finally found a solution that works for us. :-) I got this idea from this post on My Organized Home & Life via A Bowl Full of Lemons. She used a toolbox to contain her “portable office”. Brilliant! So, I bought one too. :-D (I’m not a fan of pink… so I was excited to find a green one… ;-)

Portable Office 1

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2013- My One Word

Several blogs that I follow are picking a word… just one word to describe what they hope for 2013.

I’ve already set my goals for the year, but one post in particular got me thinking. In the comment thread at the bottom everyone was listing text book answers: Hope, Inspiration, Determination. Those are amazing things to strive for in any given year, but I guess I’m just atypical.. and a teeny bit pesky. I wrote that my word for the year was hobbit. The worst part is that I truly meant it.


I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but that’s my word. For realz.

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Wardrobe Tips {Littles}- Part 2

Last time I showed you why and how to buy Children’s clothes ahead for a very good price.

Now I want to help those of you that might not remember what you’ve bought ahead… which was totally me. I got so excited about buying things ahead and getting great deals that I had forgotten what I had already purchased. My kids’ current wardrobes are the biggest they’ve had yet for that very reason. I would go shopping and see something completely adorable and on sale and I’d get it. The problem is many times I already had a comparable piece.

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Wardrobe Tips {Littles}

Kid’s clothing can be extremely expensive… and I’m cheap. I just want to be a good steward of the resources we’ve been given. Consignment shops can be great resources, but even they can be overpriced… plus I hate shopping and consignment stores are so full of merchandise that it is impossible for me to focus and find what I’m looking for. I hope to develop a better “consignment plan of attack” soon. For now I still buy mostly new clothing. Here’s why.

I am working now to build future wardrobes… one sale at a time.

Right now is the perfect time to buy winter clothes… for next year.

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