D +1 | Bleh…

Mama’s Log: Due Date +1 {Officially past the big day… and still pregnant}

Today I braved the grocery store.


Thankfully they had almost everything I was looking for. I stocked up on fresh fruit and snacky foods for the Littles. Hopefully that will help Ma feed them while I’m gone… ya know whenever this little one decides to show up…

I was a little bummed though. Not a single person asked me when I was due. Usually several people do. I was totally hoping someone would. With my last pregnancy it was always super fun to say… “yesterday” or “last week” and watch their faces. :-)

Oh well… I won’t be sad if this kid doesn’t give me the chance to do that again!!! Come on Littlest. We’re ready to meet you!!!

This is day 24 of 31 Days :-)

D +/- 0 | D- Day…

Mama’s Log: D+/- 0!!!!!! {Yes folks, that means today is my due date!!!}


Due Date (n):

Psychological warfare used against expecting mothers that triggers depression as that day passes without the event of beloved child making its way into the world.

If you have not experienced going past your due date in a pregnancy let me give you a detailed description of the day. (At least for me… on my third time.)

Morning: Wake up. “Today’s the day!!!” you think to yourself… even though you KNOW that all pregnancies last between 38-42 weeks on average. Still it’s your special day!  You hope and pray that today is the day. Why? Because the professionals gave you a specific date to look for. When that date comes and goes extreme sadness sets in. It doesn’t matter if this is your third child and you know from previous experience that your child will most likely come after “the day” (ahem)… you still experience tremendous sadness on this day. Every kick, move, etc you feel triggers false excitement. Even though labor is no. fun. at. all. You are more than ready to get this show on the road. Each day that goes by without your baby in your arms just intensifies all of these feelings…

By Midday you instantly feel fatter, less mobile, and extremely grumpy. Outsiders proceed in communicating with said mother only with extreme caution.

By Evening all you think is “Get out get out get out get out get out!!!!!”.

Rinse, and repeat. Each following day is exactly the same, just with increased intensity…


This is Day 23 of 31 Days :-/

D -1 | One Pair Left…

Mama’s Log: Due Date -1

{*Woot Woot had a handful of BH contractions last night and today… Hopefully this baby won’t be super super late. :-D }

I have one pair of pants left that do not make me writhe in pain due to their uncomfortableness…

Unless you count my sweat pants… which are actually the Husband’s sweatpants. I. Love. Sweatpants. Seriously. Sweatpants are a pregnant girl’s friend. Comfy, cozy, and not restricting.

If I was more witty I’d write a sonnet about them. The sweatpants, I mean. I wish I could wear sweatpants everywhere…

Which brings me to my one remaining pair of socially acceptable(ish) pants.

Sad Pants

Sad, I know.

During my last pregnancy I found them on super sale… because they were originally white. I had the brilliant idea to dye them grey so that I could well, actually wear them. And then I accidentally dyed them green… then blue. Only now are they remotely close to the grey I was aiming for… except now the color is faded… and splotchy. Which in turn makes them look dirty even when they’re not. :-/

If my due date wasn’t… well, TOMORROW. I would totally try to dye them again.

Any tips on dying clothes in a front loader washing machine? Clearly I need help figuring this out… Just in case we decide we need 4 Fly Babies ;-)

This is Day 22 of 31 Days :-)

D -3 | Oops

Mama’s Log: Due Date -3 Days

PHONEI called my sister for a reason… I promise. My sister and I are close, but not I-will-call-you-every-single-day close. Neither of us are that big of phone talkers… That brings me to yesterday.

I promise I had a for real honest to goodness question… I never got around to asking it.  Apparently she thought this was THE call.


I’m now on the poo poo list for getting her excited.

False alarm folks. Still no action.

This is Day 19 of 31 Days :-)