Simplifying… With Multiples

It would seem that having multiples would completely defeat the purpose of living with less…

But for me it. Helps. So. Much.

I bought two pair of church shoes when I was engaged. They were identical except one pair was brown and the other was black. I have worn those shoes ever since. These puppies have walked me through countless verses of Just As I am and have been around long enough to see many a popular praise song go from hit to vintage… Maybe not vintage… but out of fashion. ;-)

Shoes look fine

I still love them, but…

Melted Heel

It was time for them to go. Besides the one melted (?!?!?) heel on the brown pair, the fake leather was peeling off of the black pair. I loved them so much that I bought a back up pair of black flats at Target years ago when my beloved flats started showing serious wear. The idea was to wear the “backup pair” as often as possible when I needed a black pair and save the “good ones” for when I needed a “nicer” pair… Yes it was silly… And because it was Target… They had an identical purple pair for cheap that I couldn’t refuse…

Where am I going with this?

Oh, I bought three pair of dress shoes.

Yes it totally helps simplify life.

My feet just don’t fit most flats. They’re usually too tight at the top of my foot or too long. So when I found a comfy pair that fit… I bought black, brown, and navy.

Shoes in multiples

They are plain enough to go with anything, but cute enough that I love them. Also having the same exact pair in more than one color makes my shoe selection easier. If flats are what I should be wearing, then all I have to do is choose a color. Bam. No mental energy wasted on

Should I wear the moccasins or the ballet flats?
Would the ones with rhinestones look better or the flats with the metal spikes?
Orange suede?
Purple faux croc?

Now, I am NOT saying you can’t have any fun shoes. Of course you can!!! But for ME in THIS STAGE of my life… I just don’t have time for it. I realized that when I forced myself to wear the purple pair of Target flats recently… and realized that I had worn them maybe twice… So the back up flats were donated, the broken down loved flats were trashed and I feel lighter.

Four pair of shoes were traded for three. :-) Not only did I downsize by a pair, I downsized a choice.

Boom. Fewer Decisions = Simpler Life.

Now I have more mental energy to make more important decisions, like Curious George, Thomas the Train, or Veggie Tales when Daddy works late. ;-)

Wardrobe Tips {Littles}- Part 2

Last time I showed you why and how to buy Children’s clothes ahead for a very good price.

Now I want to help those of you that might not remember what you’ve bought ahead… which was totally me. I got so excited about buying things ahead and getting great deals that I had forgotten what I had already purchased. My kids’ current wardrobes are the biggest they’ve had yet for that very reason. I would go shopping and see something completely adorable and on sale and I’d get it. The problem is many times I already had a comparable piece.

That’s why I created a wardrobe inventory.Wardrobe Inventory Continue reading

Wardrobe Tips {Littles}

Kid’s clothing can be extremely expensive… and I’m cheap. I just want to be a good steward of the resources we’ve been given. Consignment shops can be great resources, but even they can be overpriced… plus I hate shopping and consignment stores are so full of merchandise that it is impossible for me to focus and find what I’m looking for. I hope to develop a better “consignment plan of attack” soon. For now I still buy mostly new clothing. Here’s why.

I am working now to build future wardrobes… one sale at a time.

Right now is the perfect time to buy winter clothes… for next year.

Continue reading