Proof that Kids Don’t Need Much…

We worked in the yard today. The Hubs finished hauling off the monster bush remains!!! While we were outside I was getting annoyed. We have a super great playset in the backyard. It has swings, a slide, a fort loft, a tire swing. It’s incredible.

But the kids weren’t playing on it. I finally convinced them to swing some, but I was still angry. I thought they were ungrateful.

… Then I noticed my 3 year old son playing “golf”


He had found this stick and rock and used them as a putter and golf ball…

And I was so excited. He was too afraid of potential spiders on his fort to risk climbing it… So he had found something else to do. It was creative. It was fun. Best of all, it required no toys at all. He was completely content and having a blast.

Proof that kids really don’t need much stuff to play.

… Although I wouldn’t complain if they started playing on the swingset more.

… Maybe it’s time to purge more toys… ;-)

Toys… Part Deux

Ok. So now that you’ve decided you want to cull. the. toys…

How do you keep the treasures from coming in?!?!?!?


Unrelated picture of a cookie I had on a date with the Hubs… (I’m on a roll with these… seriously.)

I get it your family wants to give your kid stuff, your church wants to give your kid stuff, your school, your bank, on and on and on. Continue reading


The area of toys is probably the least minimalist in our home. Today as I was taking pictures I realized that no matter how much I’ve purged we still have a LOT of kid stuff. That said… our toy stash is minimalist compared to most people I know.

Here’s how we get by with less toys.

1. We buy open ended toys.



^”Stink bug” made by the 3 year old. It actually looks like a stink bug…

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